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Waxing Ladies     Mens
Half leg 30     Price on consultation
Top half leg 32.40    
3/4 leg 39.60    
Full leg 45.60    
Half arm 24    
3/4 arm 26.40    
Full arm 30    
Underarm 18    
Bikini 24    
G-String 38.40  
Brazilian 54  
Eyebrow maintenance 18  
Eyebrow reshape 24  
Lip 14.40  
Chin 14.40  
1/2 leg & bikini 48  
1/2 leg, bikini & underarm 56.40  
Full leg & bikini 63.60  
Full leg, bikini & underarm 70.80  


Sugaring is a natural alternative to waxing, so natural you can even eat it! It's very gentle on the skin, so it is perfect for people that get breakouts or ingrown hairs from waxing. It's great for sensitive areas of the body. You can having sugaring done more frequently than waxing as it grabs all the tiny hairs. Also exfoliates the skin while new hairs grow finer and softer.

So have you been sugared yet? Call Salon Duval for your next sugaring treatment.